Is PGDM Course in Marketing Management in India Worth for a Bright Future?

Marketing is the driving power of every successful business today. Opening up of the economy, communication through mass media, increase in the literacy rate, and the internet technology has revolutionized the sales and marketing functions in India.

PGDM course in marketing management in India covers various aspects related to marketing research, marketing management and advertising. The course covers the strategic role of e-business in improving and enhancing the market function of a firm. The program provides decision makers a powerful foundation in marketing skills and concepts. All top B schools in Pune have this course on their programs’ list.

Course objectives
The post graduate diploma in marketing management in India prepares a candidate for a bright career in services and industry. The course facilitates learning in practice and theory of different functional areas of marketing management. The program also equips the candidates with an integrated approach to management skills and functions. The program is designed to develop:

  • Awareness of the socio-economic environment
  • Problem solving, analytical and decision making abilities
  • Personality development with focus on socially desirable attitudes and values.

To achieve these objectives, a variety of teaching methodologies such as role play, case studies, group discussion, problem solving exercises, audio visuals and computer simulation games are used in the program. This PGDM course in marketing equips the students with fundamental approaches to understand competitors, markets and portfolio of product offered.

Market monitoring, product development and identifying target markets are some of the key attributes of this module which is also available through hybrid learning mode. This module helps to create an effective marketer and facilitates application of concepts such as revitalizing obsolete brands, creating a client-centric organization and successfully launch brand extensions by using new age platforms like social media and E-commerce.

Program objectives

  • To develop powerful concepts in marketing strategies for mature markets and emerging technologies
  • To provide thorough understanding about the internet as a strategic medium for sales and marketing efforts for an organization
  • To create concepts in channel development and sales force management.
  • To explain the scope of marketing management- selecting target segments, analyzing opportunities, managing the marketing effort and developing the marketing mix.
  • To provide understanding of the budgeting, communication mix, media planning, advertising campaigns, marketing mix decisions and limitations and scope of market research.
PGDM course in marketing management is useful for executives and professionals working in any company primarily because marketing is core to the growth and sustenance of these organizations. Executives will be able to efficiently create brand management functions and strategies as efficient marketing professionals if they enroll themselves for PGDM Courses in Marketing Management in India.