Polytechnic institutes Offering affordable education to all

Education today is very important. Without education one would not be able to beat the competition for jobs. It is necessary to earn money and live a decent life. Often one is confused what to pursue for as a career goal. There are so many courses and colleges available that making a decision is not easy. Also education does not come cheap and many a times it’s a big concern for the parents. Polytechnic colleges offer a solution where one can enrol after standard 10th and the fees is affordable too.

There are a few benefits of studying from a polytechnic college.

  • Cost effective – Polytechnic colleges charge lower fee as compared to an engineering college which is affordable for middle income group people. This ensures that no one is denied of education because of finances.
  • Direct admission in engineering colleges – Another great advantage that a polytechnic institute offers is the facility of direct admission into reputed engineering colleges. The students can take admission directly in second year of engineering college after completing their polytechnic course. They do not have to sit for an entrance exam. A lot of renowned colleges reserve seats for diploma holders from polytechnic institutes. They can further study in recognised engineering institutes or even land up in a job. This way students could get lateral entry into the engineering colleges in a convenient manner.
  • Correspondence courses – Other than the regular courses, some polytechnic colleges also offer correspondence and distance learning education to students. If the students cannot opt for a full time course, they still can study and acquire a degree.
  • Great jobs – A lot of companies are recruiting students from polytechnic institutes now-a-days. This is due to the quality education and skills they are imparted. So the students have great career opportunities and even better job prospects.

Polytechnic colleges offer a variety of courses like diploma in civil engineering, diploma in mechanical engineering, diploma in electrical and electronics engineering, diploma in electronics and communications engineering, diploma in computer engineering, diploma in automobile technology, diploma in information technology. Polytechnics are best option for those who cannot afford high costs of engineering colleges or cannot enter into them due to entrance exam restrictions, as one can get similar level of qualification through these institutes at affordable costs.

KD Institute offers a variety of such course and helps students in deciding which branch they want to specialize in. The fully equipped labs and workshops are an asset for the learners. Guest faculty is often arranged from prominent institutions. Industrial visits, campus interviews and other useful courses make the students ready to face the world.